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Efficient & Experienced

Meetings & Events

Successful meetings are the result of meticulous planning, attention to detail and professional onsite coordination, all of which are centered around creating an experience which engages your audience and leaves a long lasting impression. At PRC, we partner with you to manage meetings and events whether large or small, near or far, that will bring together the very best services, products and venues from around the globe to ensure that your team or clients leave your meeting feeling inspired. We assist with managing the budget, minimizing cost and maximizing the investment.... let us take the worry out of event planning and allow you to be a guest at your event.

Organized & Unforgettable

Professional Events Planning

PRC offers superior management of conference logistics, regardless of location or size. Whether you are looking for a few complementary services to support your conference team, or are looking for a full spectrum of conference management solutions, we will work with you to customize our services in order to match all of your conference or event needs.

Aloha Menu of Services

Audio visual & lighting design and management

With over 20 years of experience working with audio visual and lighting contractors, we have the knowledge to manage this high-ticket item. We can offer ideas to stir the senses and create the “look & feel” of the event.


Budgeting, financial management

We will work with you in creating your event budget and manage it. We can provide financial collection services (including credit card collection) and disbursements. We will offer a list of resources for the best price and service and negotiate contracts on your behalf.


Cloud-based poster application

​Conference Poster Presentations for the 21st Century

  • Reach beyond the physical walls of the conference with your Poster Presentation being accessible via the world wide web

  • Make your important research available a full year after the conference

  • Go green with this paperless option

Share your content, research, papers, or product information and incorporate rich media and graphics to bring life to the knowledge sharing experience.  With the addition of deploying our digital signage touchscreen boards at conferences, engage the audience and create a successful presentation experience. 

Concept design and theme creation

Tell us your ideas and objectives, and we will work with you in creating a theme and designing an event.


Decorations, entertainment and hospitality coordination

Design, selection, and negotiation for decorations and entertainment to fit your theme and budget, we have a variety of creative and entertaining resources.

Hospitality coordination is the “Aloha” spirit.

We always place a little bit of “Aloha” in each event we coordinate.


Food & beverage menu design and service management

Our strength is in this area, from working in hotel kitchens and banquet facilities for many years. We take your ideas, and work with the creative chef’s in a menu design your guest will remember.


Graphic design, printing & mailing services

Graphic design, printing and mailing services are available for your logo, brochures, invitations, flyers, posters, programs, etc.


Hospitality coordination is the “Aloha” spirit.

We always place a little bit of “Aloha” in each event we coordinate.

Marketing, public relations and advertising

Private or public, every event needs to be announced. Let us help you get the word out, and build attendance.


Meeting space management

With so many events under our belt, we will take a facility and maximize it to its greatest potential for your use, for the best price, and make it unique for your event.


Programming, directing, and execution for LIVE or VIRTUAL programs

A speaker or presentation is only as good as the director. We will work as a liaison between the audio and lighting technicians, presenters and entertainers. Our virtual production team will manage the virtual platform set up; video and audio settings, attendance, breakout rooms, polls, question & answer / chat discussions.  Cues are not to be missed!



Creating or working with existing data bases to get the word out, we will manage your invitation list; collect registration with CVENT on-line reporting & tracking software; coordinate and manage the on-site registration desk with on-demand badge printing; QR code attendance tracking and ticketing.  Registration integration with Zoom and other platforms available.  [CVENT Event Management Certified]


Speaker hospitality and coordination

We’ll hold their hand, and coordinate your speakers travel arrangements, biography & presentation collection, and add a touch of “Aloha”.


Sponsorship and donation campaigns

We will work with you on preparing databases, letters and forms, and assist in the follow up for sponsorship or donation campaigns.


Staffing and support services, security

Need help. We can provide staffing for the event. We will prepare a manpower schedule and job descriptions to fit your event. Training also available.


Trade show, exhibition sales & coordination

Sharing of ideas, products and services... the newest gadgets. We will work with you on preparing a list of exhibitors to invite, prepare the exhibitor prospectus, collect the registration, manage the communication and coordinate the decorator services and set up.


Travel, lodging, tours and transportation services

We will help arrange contracts or programs for travel to get the people to your event; stay at the facility or take them on tours.


Venue search and selection

Video, satellite facilities, convention centers, hotels, private clubs, educational institutions, unique locations, in-door or out-door... we will take your ideas and find the right location for our event.

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